Tips from a project manager turned freelance translator

Our interviewee Angela Benoit launched her freelance French<>English translation business (yes, she really is a native speaker of both languages!) after working as a translation project manager in New York for over six years. Angela has now been freelancing for about a year and a half, and she recently shared some of her insights from both sides of the translation industry: How can a translator move from an agency’s roster to actually getting work? Are rate negotiations just about the money, or are there other factors? How can project managers find the best translators, or help the best translators find them? This interview is chock-full of helpful information for translators and project managers alike!

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Tips from a project manager turned freelancer


One response to “Tips from a project manager turned freelance translator

  1. thanks for the interview. if i had to say one thing about the easiest way to get clients is to build a website and get it ranked for “translator” in your city. this is how we began and once you have clients calling you the rest is history.

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