Translating outside the box: beyond legal, financial, and medical

In this episode, Eve and Corinne discuss how to identify, market to, and successfully work in non-traditional translation specializations. Drawing on their own experiences translating children’s books, personality tests, university marketing materials, and zombie role-playing games (really!), Eve and Corinne offer ideas of other non-traditional specializations that translators might want to pursue, along with some pluses and minuses of working in the non-traditional market.

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Translating outside the box


4 responses to “Translating outside the box: beyond legal, financial, and medical

  1. Great podcast! This gave me a lot of good ideas. I agree, not all niches are niches you want! You two can have all the skiing translations :). I will admit when I’m lost.

  2. This was fantastic to hear. I’m an aspiring French-to-English translator, and I’ve actually had a lifelong adoration of all things zombie, as well as an avid gaming hobby. My formal training is in librarianship, and I had never considered board games as a specialization, even though I’ve played translated games before. Thank you for the wonderful episode and the inspiration to look outside of the box.

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