Speaking of IT: hardware and software tips and tricks

In this episode, Eve and Corinne offer a variety of hardware and software tips and tricks for self-employed translators who manage their own computer systems. Including:

  • Our own hardware and software setups, with suggestions on our favorite items
  • How to prepare for and recover from a major computer crash
  • Backup systems and how to use them
  • Our favorite software tools
  • Computer “fads” that we just don’t get

We both recently survived major IT disasters, so this topic seemed timely and important! If you have other IT suggestions for fellow translators, let us know in the comments.

Links mentioned in this episode:

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Speaking of IT: hardware and software tips and tricks


4 responses to “Speaking of IT: hardware and software tips and tricks

  1. Love the episode, super interesting and great tips.
    Back in the day, I used to wipe hard drives with a boot CD such as Ultimate Boot CD (Darik’s Boot and Nuke), or Hiren’s BootCD. Don’t know if there are more modern tools now, but they worked well also to do hardware diagnostics (ex. RAM).
    Huge fan of screenshots too :-). On my business PC, i use Greenshot and FastStone capture. On my personal Mac: Camtasia and SnagIt.
    Keeping your serials/licence numbers in a centralized text file in the cloud is a great tip, thanks for sharing. I am doing it right now. As for now, i just had them printed out on paper and kept in a binder.

  2. Elizabeth M. Lewis

    Just listened to this…I tend to lag behind. I found it very useful, and I have a specific question. I, like you, prefer to keep dictionaries installed on my hard drive and not be relying on Internet, which I do not always have available. BUT…BUT…the dictionary companies are no longer producing CD or DVD versions of their books. They are going to online exclusively. Where did you find CD dictionaries you could install? The Eng-Eng dictionary that seems most recommended right now is American Heritage. Not available online. I love OED…but the CD hardly works and stops working every time MS updates its OS, so that is not a solution. I have a couple of old bilingual dictionary CDs, one of which works, but the other no longer does. Where do you find them?????

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