Website and online presence tips for freelancers

In this episode, Eve and Corinne offer website and online presence tips for freelancers, including:
-Why are a website and an online presence important, or not important?
-What are some factors to consider when choosing a web designer, and how much should a website cost?
-What other online platforms might you want to be on?
-How can blogging be used as a marketing tool?
-What does Eve look for in the online presence of people to whom she might subcontract work?
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Website and online presence tips for freelancers


3 responses to “Website and online presence tips for freelancers

  1. Thank you both for such GREAT episode, you almost covered everything.
    Here are some ways I used to get clients through my website and online presence:
    – SEO: I learned about SEO three years ago in a session with a digital marketer. As I am passionate about building websites, I tested that in some pages and it led to some new clients in a few months. So, I redesigned the complete website following the same on-page SEO rules and that generates some clients from now and them.
    – I wrote an article in social media about a specific problem my clients keep asking me about regarding Arabic translation. A few days after writing the article and new client reached out to me and said the article made it clear to them how to solve this in the future and asked me if I can join their team. They have been my clients for more than 4 years.
    – I am not very active in Tweeter, BUT I like to follow the hashtages potential clients may add to their tweets. I know they may use these hashtags when they need a new translator. Following this strategy, I landed some of my present client and I met Tanya, who co-host my Bizbuddies in Translation video cast.
    These are some strategies, that I thought to share with you and thanks again for the great podcast 

    • Sherify, thanks for following up with these great ideas! I was interested to hear what our listeners do, and you delivered 😉 I am sure this will be helpful to others and I look forward to more feedback from what others have to share. Thank you fo listening!

  2. I listened to the podcast in today’s commute, and commenting was my first task of the day :). Keep up the good work.

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