Contracts and service agreements for translators

In this episode, Eve and Corinne discuss contracts and service agreements for freelance translators. Thanks to listener Erin Riddle for suggesting this show topic! If you have a topic you’d like us to discuss, drop us an e-mail at We discuss:

  • When do you need a full written contract for a translation? When is an e-mail OK?
  • How do you specify the terms of use for a translation?
  • What about subcontracting agreements?
  • What terms should be included in a contract?
  • Should you sign indemnification clauses?

Links mentioned in this episode:

-ATA’s translation services agreement guide and model contract
-ATA’s interpreting services agreement guide and model contract
-The PEN model contract for book translations

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Contracts and service agreements for translators


6 responses to “Contracts and service agreements for translators

  1. Dear Eve and Corinne, this was really interesting and even more useful. Thanks so much. Best wishes, Michael

  2. This discussion was very useful and very timely for me. Thank you, Corinne and Eve. Now to get down to drawing up a template contract!

  3. Hi Corinne and Eve, thanks for the excellent episode! I much prefer email agreement as it’s fast and efficient. When a client requires signing a formal contract, it can be quite time consuming due to back and forth discussions. In this case, would you suggest adding some admin cost?

    • I personally would not add administrative costs. It is also time-consuming for the potential customer and I consider that the cost of doing business. However, you can decide if you think certain opportunities are not worth pursuing and make sure you charge what you need to overall to encompass all your business costs.

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