Attending hybrid conferences: a joint episode with Smart Habits for Translators

Surprise, we’re back! Speaking of Translation comes out of retirement only for very special occasions; when our friends and colleagues Madalena and Veronika at Smart Habits for Translators asked us to record a joint episode about hybrid conferences, we couldn’t resist!

In this fun conversation, we discuss a topic that many of us are faced with (yet again!) this fall as many of our favorite conferences are going virtual or hybrid. As much as we look forward to returning to fully in-person events, unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet because of the pandemic and travel restrictions. But hybrid conferences aren’t quite the same thing as an in-person event or a virtual event.

So, how can attendees and speakers prepare for hybrid conferences?

Listen in to hear our thoughts on:

  • What we think will be different when attending a hybrid conference vs. a fully in-person one or a fully virtual one
  • Which smart habits come in handy when preparing to attend a hybrid conference
  • What in-person and virtual attendees should keep in mind when attending a hybrid conference
  • What speakers should be mindful of when they present in a hybrid format
  • What factors we personally take into consideration when planning which conferences to attend next year

Download the audio file here.


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