Preparing for the state court interpreter certification exam

In this episode, Eve interviews Corinne about her recent milestone–passing the Colorado court interpreter certification exam for French. Eve and Corinne discuss how Corinne prepared for the exam, what resources she used, what the exam consists of, and how she plans to use this credential.

Links mentioned in this episode:
-Athena Matilsky, interpreter and trainer for French and Spanish
-Eve’s book Maintaining Your Second Language, with tips on how to improve your language skills in general
-ACEBO, publishers of The Interpreter’s Edge home study course
-The National Center for State Courts’ practice exam kits (available in Spanish or English-only)
-Judy Jenner’s blog post on passing the Federal court interpreter certification exam
ORCIT, the European Commission-funded self-study course on basic conference interpreting techniques
Speechpool, a repository of speeches for interpreting practice
-The Colorado Judicial Branch’s information on how to become a court interpreter in Colorado

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Preparing for the state court interpreter certification exam