Software localization: insights from the translator and PM perspectives

Software localization: insights from the translator and PM perspectives

Software localization is a dynamic niche within the language industry. Translator, Tess Whitty, and project manager, Eve Bodeux, share their perspectives about this challenging area of expertise. What are the roles of the translator and the project manager, and how can they work together to make localization projects a success? Tess and Eve have adapted their presentation from the most recent American Translators Association conference for the Speaking of Translation format.

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Software localization



One response to “Software localization: insights from the translator and PM perspectives

  1. This audio is very helpful for me to understand the actual practice and the specific steps involved in a localization project. I have learned the concepts of localization, locale, and internationalization from my course of translation studies, but I was struggling to picture the idea of how the localization project is managed, how the client, project manager, translators and other professionals work together in a localization project and what challenges they may have to face, as well as what the role of translators is and how the translation management tools are used to organize the project… This audio has answered most of my questions.
    Perhaps I can add a few words about the definition of locale mentioned in the audio. Locale traditionally means a small area or vicinity, now the term is mostly used in technical context, representing a specific combination of language, region and character decoding. Also my understanding the process of internationalization is explained here in detail as reviewing software context, preparing global glossary and identifying culturally specific issues before starting the next step of actual translation.
    Thank you for sharing your experience of success in localization, it is very impressive and helpful.

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