Staying healthy when you work at a desk all day

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview German<>English translator and certified yoga and Pilates instructor Eva Stabenow. After developing repetitive strain issues from her translation and interpreting work, Eva found relief in Pilates, which led her to pursue a 500-hour certification as a Pilates instructor specializing in prehab and rehab. She now runs Sunroom Pilates, a private studio in the Nashville, Tennessee area, in addition to working as a translator and interpreter (with a lot less pain!).

If you’ve attended the ATA conference in recent years, you might recognize Eva as the instructor for the early-morning stretch and move sessions!

Eva enlightens us about:
-How Pilates helped resolve her own repetitive strain and chronic shoulder pain issues
-How to set up a standing desk without spending tons of money
-Why you should incorporate “movement snacks” into your work day, even if you exercise outside of the work day
-Ideas for movement snacks, even if you can’t stand up or move around (like in an interpreting booth)
-Whether ergonomic products like yoga ball chairs and split keyboards are worthwhile

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Staying healthy when you work at a desk all day