Exploiting Your Subject Matter Expertise

Acting as Speaking of Translation’s roving reporter in Paris, France, Eve met up with and interviewed specialized French to English translator Stephanie Strobel. Stephanie talks about her experience having a very specific area of expertise within translation, and how all translators can benefit from developing a niche of their own.

Stephanie works out of her office in Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia, specializing in hard-core engineering texts and other technical areas. She is a sought-after translator for these types of texts, since, as she says, she speaks three languages: English, French and Engineering!

Listen to Stephanie’s success story and hear takeaways for your own translation business and how you (and your clients!) can benefit from you focusing on a specific subject area and developing your own subject matter expertise.

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/speakingoftranslation/SpeakingOfTranslationSStrobel.mp3]
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Exploiting Your Subject Expertise


One response to “Exploiting Your Subject Matter Expertise

  1. She’s really great! Loved this interview.

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