Ask Us Anything: October 2018

In this episode, Eve and Corinne answer your questions! Thanks to all of our listeners who submitted topics for us to cover. Here’s the lineup:

-How do translation partnerships work? How do the hosts of Speaking of Translation work together?

-How can translators maintain skills in their second (third, etc.) languages that they don’t get a chance to use in daily life? (Reference: Eve’s book Maintaining Your Second Language)

-Advice for an in-house translator who wants to go freelance?

-Should you deliver translations to direct clients in Word or PDF format?

-How can a freelancer create a professional development plan and set goals? (Reference: our podcast episode on Setting Goals for Your Freelance Business).

-Tips for first-time ATA conference attendees?

-Would it be a good idea for a technical translator to add subtitling and dubbing to her range of services?

-What can we do about “dehumanization” in our profession?

-How can translators respond to and prepare for the encroachment of machine translation into their market, while emphasizing the value of human translators?

-What to do about a client who says they value your work, but is resistant to rate increases? (Reference: Carol Tice’s blog post on misplaced emotions in your freelance business).

-How to decide if a translation specialization is viable? (Reference: Corinne’s blog post on this very topic).

-Do translators need advanced education in the translation areas they want to specialize in?

-Is ATA certification important for beginning translators?

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions! And if you’re listening to this episode on our website, don’t forget that you can subscribe to Speaking of Translation in iTunes or Stitcher.

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