Q&A call: freelance sabbaticals abroad, Part II

Q&A call: freelance sabbaticals abroad, Part II

With Eve Bodeux, Corinne McKay and Tess Whitty (aired live on March 20, 2013).
In this call, we check in on the results of Eve’s five-month stay in France, Corinne’s two-month stay in Switzerland and Italy, and talk to Tess Whitty who is midway through her year-long stay in Sweden. Our traveling translators offer tips on phone service, mail forwarding, taxes, coping with time differences, and using your sabbatical as a professional development and language improvement opportunity.

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Freelance sabbaticals abroad: part II

Links mentioned in this call:

  • My family’s language immersion experience in France, a post that Eve wrote for SpanglishBaby, focusing on her two sons’ experience going to a French-speaking school in France
  • Lake Geneva to Salzburg by bike, a post that Corinne wrote for her blog, focusing on the logistics of her family’s 600-mile bike trip during the summer of 2012
  • The Business of Translation, Tess’ blog, which features various posts about her experience living and working in Sweden
  • Vonage, the voice over IP phone service that Corinne and Eve both used during their trips
  • Talkatone, the smartphone calling service that Tess uses in Sweden (and which she used during this conference call!)

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