Translating books: with Kate Deimling and Mercedes Guhl

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview English to Spanish translator Mercedes Guhl and French to English translator Kate Deimling about translating books: a topic our listeners often ask about. Kate and Mercedes give us their thoughts on:

  • Where to start if you would like to translate books
  • What skills a book translator needs
  • Whether book fairs and other in-person events are valuable for book translators
  • The pluses and minuses of self-publishing your translations of public domain books
  • How to approach the financial aspects of book translation
  • Resources and tips for aspiring book translators

Links mentioned in this episode:
Kate’s website
-Mercedes’ LinkedIn page (in Spanish)
Mercedes’ blog, about to be reactivated
-Kate’s Twitter feed
-Susan Bernofsky’s blog Translationista
PEN America’s Heim grants, open to emerging translators
-The American Translators Association’s Literary Division webpage
The archive of Source, the ATA Literary Division journal
-The American Literary Translators Association’s resources page
Publicar con calidad editorial, a primer on the publishing process, in Spanish
The PEN list of publishers of works in translation

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Translating books: with Kate Deimling and Mercedes Guhl