Translating books, with Kate Deimling and Mercedes Guhl

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview English to Spanish translator Mercedes Guhl and French to English translator Kate Deimling about translating books: a topic our listeners often ask about. Kate and Mercedes give us their thoughts on:

  • Where to start if you would like to translate books
  • What skills a book translator needs
  • Whether book fairs and other in-person events are valuable for book translators
  • The pluses and minuses of self-publishing your translations of public domain books
  • How to approach the financial aspects of book translation
  • Resources and tips for aspiring book translators

Links mentioned in this episode:
Kate’s website
-Mercedes’ LinkedIn page (in Spanish)
Mercedes’ blog, about to be reactivated
-Kate’s Twitter feed
-Susan Bernofsky’s blog Translationista
PEN America’s Heim grants, open to emerging translators
-The American Translators Association’s Literary Division webpage
The archive of Source, the ATA Literary Division journal
-The American Literary Translators Association’s resources page
Publicar con calidad editorial, a primer on the publishing process, in Spanish
The PEN list of publishers of works in translation

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Translating books: with Kate Deimling and Mercedes Guhl


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