Client-side conferences as a marketing tool: guest interview with Michele Hansen

In this episode, Eve and Corinne interview French to English translator Michèle Hansen about her experiences using client-side conferences as a marketing tool. A self-professed “introvert who hates selling,” Michèle has increased her freelance income by more than $40,000 over the past two years through this strategy.

Links mentioned in this episode:
-Michèle’s website Global Health Language Services
-Eve’s new book club for translators, Global Reads
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-Upcoming Training for Translators online courses

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Client-side conferences as a marketing tool


4 responses to “Client-side conferences as a marketing tool: guest interview with Michele Hansen

  1. Very helpful episode; thank you for recording it! I was wondering if you or Michèle had any input on this: Michèle mentioned she attended around 6 conferences a year. What’s the minimum number of conferences one should attend a year for it to still be effective? I’m not sure I can afford 6 client-side conferences at this point in my career, but I wouldn’t like to attend one and fade in the potential clients’ memory.

  2. Hi Maria,
    Even one puts you one client conference ahead of most other translators and interpreters! Meeting people face to face and being able to refer to conference events will make you stand out.

    • Thank you, Michèle! I’ve done one client-side conference in the past, unsuccessfully, but armed with what I’ve learned now, I will aim to go to 2–3 next year and try to make them count.

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