Wrapping up 2020, and looking ahead to 2021

In this episode, Eve and Corinne wrap up 2020 (a truly unforgettable year by any measure!), and look ahead to 2021. We discuss topics such as:

  • Highlight accomplishments of 2020, and what helped us get there
  • Disappointments this year, and how our businesses have been affected by the pandemic
  • How we’ve followed Eve’s motto, “Stay safe and stay sane” in this crazy year
  • What our goals are for 2021

If you’d like to do this along with us, we’d recommend:

  • Reviewing your accomplishments for the year, and identifying what helped you reach those goals
  • Reviewing your disappointments, and identifying how you can do better in the future
  • Identifying ways to stay safe and sane, within the confines of the situation
  • Setting some goals for 2021

Links mentioned in this episode:

Listen on the audio player below, or download the file by right-clicking here.


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